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What Loog Guitar Should You Get?

Life is full of tough choices and we know choosing between the three Loog Guitars can be a bit overwhelming (right? Guys? Anyone?). Well, good news! We can help. Instead of working, we spent all morning researching the different personality types that purchase each guitar and created a thoroughly scientific quiz to aid you in […] -- Find out more at

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New Year, New Loog Guitar Giveaway

**UPDATE: Entries for the Loog Guitar Holiday Giveaway have already been closed, but feel free to continue sharing your favorite songs of 2012!** These were some pretty sweet Holidays for us at Loog. Not only did we have the honor of making it into many kids’ Christmas lists, this New Year sealed the perfect ending […] -- Find out more at

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Flying With Your Loog Guitar

Ever since the United Breaks Guitars video went viral, everyone’s well aware that guitars and planes just don’t mix. But with the holidays just around the corner, there’s a chance that you’ll eventually find yourself in the same old predicament with your Loog Guitar. You have to take it with you flying back home (or […] -- Find out more at

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How to Play Smoke on the Water on Your Loog Guitar

We’ve been talking about first songs played on the guitar on our Twitter during the last few weeks and we thought we’d add a bit more to the conversation. Despite some embarassing confessions among the Loog team (*cough* Summer of ’69 *cough*), most people’s first song on the guitar is the mother of all easy […] -- Find out more at

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