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Introducing #LoogFest: An Online Festival for Kids and Families

We’re thrilled to launch Loog Fest today, the first (we think!) online festival for kids and families, broadcast live from Loog Guitars’ instagram account. Ready for a new reason to love weekends?  We wanted to do something. We wanted to bring you something. We wanted to offer a platform for artists to work these days. And we wanted to create something that families can enjoy at home, together, for free.

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Kids Are Awesome: Exhibit C (for Cheerios Commercial)

You guys have probably all seen the new Cheerios commercial. Just in case you haven’t, we’ll take a second and wait for you to do so: A pretty funny ad, right? Well, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of months, you’re well aware of the huge controversy surrounding the fact […] -- Find out more at

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On Being a Kid, Reading the Paper and What’s In Store for Loog Guitars

Seeing your name in the paper is always something, even if it’s in another language. As kids, we’d see our parents reading those tiny never-ending words and awe at the world outside our homes full of people doing the good, the bad and the ugly. You grow up and realize it’s actually not that hard […] -- Find out more at

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